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My Facebook Albums Made Public

Hello out there! I am very, very bad at keeping this blog up to date, especially when it comes to posting construction details after the fact. However, I have just made all of my Facebook albums public so anyone can view them.

I also sorted through my sottane photos, and realized I have only made 8 sottane, including the Golden Seamstress group project. Wow, it feels like so many more.

Here are the albums of my sottane, in order of construction:

#1 Orange Linen Sottana
#2 Red Shot Sottana
#3 Orange Silk Sottana
#4 Yellow & Black Sottana
#5 Teal Sottana
#6 Cheryl’s Red Sottana
#7 Golden Seamstress Sottana
#8 Pink Cottom Sottana

Other noteworthy albums include:

Construction Techniques

Orange Linen Sottana

I never did post an update on how my orange sottana turned out. I have worn it to two events and am generally happy with it.


The sleeves don’t puff like they should, I get a little bit of a wrinkle at the waist, though my velvet stays helped flatten the front. The hem is still safety pinned, I’ll finish it someday. I felt beautiful and looked like a 1560’s Florentine lady.