I am beginning the planning for my second sottana. I received feedback on my orange sottana to go for more luxury feeling fabrics if I want more upper class garments. Another judge recommended making another sottana to improve on the techniques learned with the orange sottana. Lastly, someone mentioned that it’s easier to get a feel for how close my dress is with a specific inspiration picture. So, I think I’m going to go with the below picture by Cristofano dell’Altissimo. The second picture from Giovanni Battista shows a shot silk similar to the one I have on hand and will be using for this sottana, however, the portrait is not Florentine so I will not be using it for the primary inspiration, rather as evidence of two tone fabric.

Clarice Ridolfi Altoviti
1500s Cristofano dell’Altissimo – Clarice Ridolfi Altovit (Moda)
Giovanni Batista Moroni Lady in Red
1557-1560 Giovanni Batista Moroni – Lady in Red

UPDATE: The inspiration picture was later changed to Agnolo Bronzino’s Portrait of a Lady (1550), because I liked the velvet ribbon against the taffeta!

1550 Lady Bronzino
Agnolo Bronzino, Portrait of a Lady, 1550