In my idle viewing of other crafter’s awesomeness, I decided it was time to make my zibellino. I bought two weasel furs off of etsy for $20, used some sculpey I had on hand and a bunch of crystals and voila!

In order to shape the head, I wrapped plastic wrap around the head of the weasel, then tightly wrapped a layer or two of masking tape. I then added sculpey clay directly over the :mask” and molded the basic shape. A cooking in the oven hardened the clay (and melted the plastic wrap). I then pulled the masking tape and melted plastic out of the sculpey shell. At this point, I had a head that fits over the head of my weasel and a base to shape and design the head with. I added more sculpey and added some features, including the bridge of the snout and the ears. I picked up a bunch of swarovski crystals and beads and bejeweled the heck out of the head using Quickhold craft glue.The head is glued permanently in place on the fur.