With my new subscription of Your Wardrobe Unlock’d and Foundations Revealed, I checked out their competitions and I think I want to make another corset. Yes, I am way late on getting started, but if I do this, it will give me a deadline for this corset instead of a vague “in the future” to improve on my last corset. I am going to start by looking through the dresses I already own and designing a corset that can be worn with something I own, rather than making a dress to match the corset. The categories for FR are shape and ornamentation and it covers corsets and other foundation wear.

I could make an Elizabethan pair of bodies or an Edwardian S-bend in the shape category, or a Victorian or modern corset in the ornamentation category. I don’t think the shape of the latter would be anything special and therefore I’d be going for ornamentation with Victorian-esque styles. Or, I could make a proper pair of flapper underwear to totally flatten my bust for shape.

After looking at patterns and pictures, I decided to buy Laughing Moon’s Victorian underwear set (LM100) from Truly Victorian. It has the Silverado and Dore corset patterns of which I’ve heard great and bad stuff about. I feel competent enough to make a good result regardless of any problems along the way. In addition, my friend and my mother are also going to make corsets along with me, so that will be cool. Now, I’m left to decide how to decorate this corset.