I originally wrote this post back in January and I felt like I should revisit the topic.


Projects completed:

Apron dress and underdress

Red sottana

2 Greek chitons


Projects currently in progress:

Ghirlandaio cioppa and gamurra (deadline: October 25th)

Stockings (one finished)

Dutch cloak – need to take out lining, buy new fabric and re-line, then it’s complete. (No deadline, but it’s getting cold and I will need it soon.)


Projects next on the table:

Veste – waiting for Margo Anderson’s pattern (possibly November??)

Tudor gown – bodice sewn, everything else to be completed, requires money to purchase additional fabric for forepart and sleeves


Projects and ideas on the back, back, back burner:

Whiteworked Partlet – needs to be finished by February 22nd. Hem and embroidery.

Elizabethan corset – needs to be finished

1920s flapper gown – started, trim needs to be sewn down

18th century corset – needs to be finished

18th century pocket hoops – one hoop needs to be finished

Cotehardie – not started

sideless surcoat – not started

18th century chemise gown – fabric purchased, not started